Sar Pass Trek

₹ 4000

Brief Intro

Sar pas is one of the most hilarious trek which follow through Parvati Valley. Trek start form Kasol which is located in Manikaran Valley  in Kullu Distt. H.P. This treks start from dense forest  deodar and Pine in  Kasol. During this trek you walk through Grahan, Ming thach, Nagru Thach and Biskeri Thach. Depends on snow condition and season you can find snow line from Nagru till top to biskeri. In this you can injoy the beauty of mountains range , their glourius beauty, and variery of wild flowers.

Detailed itinerary

Trek starts from Kasol and the journey will be on the left side of Grahn nala. The trail is easy to navigate because trail is frequently used by villagers. The gradient being gentle, one can effortlessly cover much distance in a matter of hours. The trail crosses the nalah several times it is a beautiful village  located at 7700 ft above sea level , You can see  step farming and alpine trees. The trail from Kasol to Grahan is a marked one through forests, following the Grahan nalah.

Today’s trek will start through thick forest to a beautifull Ming thach. During the trek you can see spectuler view of  snow covered mountains in suroundings. Gradient will be today is little steep but distance covered less.

Today our treks begins toawards Nagru Thach. today it will take us above tree line. Nagru is most of time covered with snow most of time till end of may. After reaching over Nagru is gives a spectaculer view of  Valley.

Today is the most challenging  part of the trek because you need walk over the snow . Today we will start early trek beacuse  one of the reason is that there will be inough snow during the trek and under the sun snow melt easily and path will become very sippery, another reason is today we need to walk  more compare to yesterday Biskeri Thach is a great treat place  being a beautiful meadow surrounded by peaks and forests on all sides.

Descending down all the way to Pulga through the thick forests takes around 4  to 5 hours. Then back to camp through cab.

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Inclusions & Checklist

Accommodation during trek (Camping) meal on sharing basis while on trek days.

  1. All fees and permits
  2. Transport from Bhunter as per the Itinerary.
  3. First aid medical kits.
  4. Tents, sleeping bags, mattress.
  5. Qualified and experienced guide and support staff.
  1. Trekking Poles, Jackets, Boots etc.
  2. Any deviation or detour.
  3. Cost Escalation due to natural reason.
  4. Mules and Porters for carrying personal luggage.
  5. Any kind of insurance.
  6. Carriage of personal rucksack.

Note: Itinerary can be change as per the weather condition.

Stuff that you need on the trek:-

1. Trekking shoes


With good grip, not sports shoes,

Water proof is well and good

2. Back pack 60-70ltr, a backpack with sturdy straps, supporting frame and raincover.
3. Jacket 2-fleece, 1- warm jacket specially padded one
4. Trek Pants 1-wear, 2 –carry
5. T- shirt 3 , full collared to prevent sun burn
6. Thermals (optional) Those who fees more cold they carry their thermals.
7. Gloves 1-pair, water proof and woolen or fleece should inside.
8. Socks 3-pair
9. Rain gear 1-jacket, 1-pent
10. Woolen cap 1-sun protection, 1-cold protection
11. Sunglasses 1-    Protection from snow blindness
12. Head lamp/torch 1


Day pack Not necessary if you want 20 ltr – to carry your water bottle, medical kit and light snack.
14. toiletries Toothbrush, toothpaste, toilet roll, moisturizer, light towel, lip balm, sunscrean



15. Cutlery Carry a spoon, coffee mug and lunch box
16. Plastic cover To put every stuff specially cloths inside this and then put this inside the beg.
Mandatory Documents
  • Govt. photo id card ; original and photocopy (driving licence, voter ID, Aadhar card etc)
  • Medical certificate and Disclaimer (* to be filled by trekker)
  • Medical certificate ( *to be filled by doctor)
How to Reach Manali

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