Beas Kund Trek

An ideal trek to enjoy the beauty of nature and snow covered mountain and beautiful peaks

  • High-altitude glacial lake name Beas Kund.
  • An origin of Beas river.
  • Easy to moderate walk during the journey.
  • Approx.16 km of trekking  
  • Good fo r Nature Lovers , Photo Fanatics, Experience Seekers.

₹ 4500

Brief Intro

Considered to be the birthplace of river beas . It is said that Vyas Rishi usually took daily bath and meditate here. It named by the name of Rishi Vyas.

It is starting point of  different route for different peaks like Shetidhar, Friendship Peak, Hanuman Tibba, Laddakhi Peak. After a long trek it is wonderful view of kund, peaks and glacier. After reaching over here you will be amazed with the beauty of nature, swiftly flowing river and blue sky.

This is the palace for who really want to explore, otherwise ways are a lot. If you are around the lake………dip your feet………feel it………taste it.

Why Visit Himalaya

  • Mountaineering course certified trek leader, instructor and guides
  • We have nols certified wafa instructors
  • Zero accident record
  • Experiential learning based programme
Detailed itinerary

Early morning we will starts our journey to Solang Nala(Dhundi) through vahicle, its approx. 1 hour drive, Thereafter our trek begins to our  charming site called Bakerthach  site. Its 5-6 km trail along with the Beas stream till  Bakarthach.  Bakarthach is place who is covered by its surounding with beautiful peaks like Hanuman Tibba, Shetidhar, Makerway -Shikerway, Ladakhi , Friendship Peak. Its is also a base camp for those peaks.

Meals at the camps is included in the package. During your overnight stay you can explore Bakarthach and prepare for next day excurtion.

After early breakfast, move toward beas kund , moderate trek thorugh boulder and over the moraine . Beas kund is also base camp for many peaks expedition like Shetidhar, Deotibba, Friendship etc.  After  spending some time , clicking photos , soaking nature , we  head back to our  camp Baker Thach.

To descend we will follow the same route after reaching Solag nala we will go through jeep to manali.

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Inclusions & Checklist

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Stuff that you need on the trek:-

1. Trekking shoes


With good grip, not sports shoes,

Water proof is well and good

2. Back pack 60-70ltr, a backpack with sturdy straps, supporting frame and raincover.
3. Jacket 2-fleece, 1- warm jacket specially padded one
4. Trek Pants 1-wear, 2 –carry
5. T- shirt 3 , full collared to prevent sun burn
6. Thermals (optional) Those who fees more cold they carry their thermals.
7. Gloves 1-pair, water proof and woolen or fleece should inside.
8. Socks 3-pair
9. Rain gear 1-jacket, 1-pent
10. Woolen cap 1-sun protection, 1-cold protection
11. Sunglasses 1-    Protection from snow blindness
12. Head lamp/torch 1


Day pack 20 ltr – to carry your water bottle, medical kit and light snack.
14. toiletries Toothbrush, toothpaste, toilet roll, moisturizer, light towel, lip balm, sunscrean



15. Cutlery Carry a spoon, coffee mug and lunch box
16. Plastic cover To put every stuff specially cloths inside this and then put this inside the beg.
S.N Medicine name Quantity and their uses
1. diamox 5 tablets (prevent AMS)
2. disprin 5 tablets (to headache)
3. Combiflam 4 tablets (pain killer)
4. Avil 25mg 4 tablets (allergies)
5. Avomine 4 tablets (motion sickness)
6. crocin 6 tablets (fever)
7. Norflox TZ 6 tablets (diarrhea)
8. Digene 10 tablets (acidity)
9. Crepe bandage 3 to 4 mtr
10. Gause 1 Small roll
11. Band aid 10 strips
12. cotton 1 small roll
13. ORS 10 packet
14. Betadine 1
15. Moov spray 1
16. Foot powder 1
Mandatory Documents
  • Govt. photo id card ; original and photocopy (driving licence, voter ID, Aadhar card etc)
  • Medical certificate and Disclaimer (* to be filled by trekker)
  • Medical certificate ( *to be filled by doctor)

Ideally this trek for beginners and experienced trekkers is medium, may be for experienced trekkers it can be lighter. But during our 3 days journey we are covering distance around 22 km approx. one side. The secret to covering this distance comfortably lies in building your cardiovascular endurance. For that you need to jog at your place regularly at least 3 km/15minute. Start other exercise like cycling , swimming , rock climbing etc. to boost up your inner strength.

You can do some stretching exercise like quadriceps, hip flexors, push up, crunches, side plank left and right, lower back muscles, shoulder exercise.

How to Reach Manali

You can take bus or volvo from ISBT Delhi or from Manjnu Ka Tilla.

You can book your flight from to Bhunter (Kullu).After Bhunter it is about 50 km to can take taxy or bus froum Bhunter to Manali.

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